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History of the church

1271 First written document about the village of Kötzschenbroda. The existence of a church at this time is probable.
1273 Foundation of the archideaconship of Nissan. The church which probably existed then belonged to it.
1429 Together with the whole village,the church was destroyed by the Hussits
1475 A letter for forgiveness of sins by payment of considerable amount of money was given in favour of the reconstruction of the church
1477 A stone table on the wall of the north-west side of the tower shiws the beginning or the rebuilding.
1507 An old book of invoices gives evidence of the last phase of the rebuilding
1510 Probable year of the inauguration of the new church, now in Gothic style
1532 First mention of an organ
1536 First school in the village of Kötzschenbroda
1539 After the death of duke Georg the Bearded, Protestantism was introduced in Saxony. First Protestant vicar Veit Hammer and first Protestant teacher Egidius Lessing.
1598 A big fire in the village damages the church too.
1627 Completion of the reconstruction after the fire
1637 Destruction during the Thirty Years War of both the church and the village with exception of three houses
1637 Beginning of the rebuilding generously supported by Elector Johann Georg I. During his residence in his house „Hoflößnitz“ in the vineyard he belonged to this parish (painting of the elector at the back wall). Masterbuilder of the rebuilding was Ezechiel Eckhardt
1642 Building of the pulpit
1645 After negotations between Saxons and Swedes an armistice was made. August 27 was the date of the end of the war for Saxony. The treaty was signed in the vicarage. The vicar Augustin Prescher acted as a moderator in the negotiations. His reliefpotrait can be found at the left wall behind the front door.
1651 Installation of a new organ by Master: Tobias Weller.
1745 Repair of the tower, probably rebuildt with a Baroque spire (painting left of the entrance )
1861 Inauguration of a new organ
1884-1885 Reconstruction of the church to the current appearance . The Romanesque basement of the tower and the Gothic altar room were preserved. The part between them was removed and rebuilt to a higher and wider room. The appearance of the church including the tower was converted to Neogothic style.
1885 Inauguration of the reconstructed church and a new organ, built by organ builders Jehmlich.
1927-28 Dismantling of the old organ and installation of a new one. Renovation of the church.
1949 Inauguration of new bells after expropriation of the old ones during the war.
1961-1963 Renovation of the church, outside and inside. Installation of the stained glas pictures into the windows behind the altar. (Artist Christian Rietschel). Removal of the altar and the pulpit from 1885. The new altar has the shape of a simple table, the pulpit was replaced with the old one from 1642
1995 Celebration of the 350th anniversary of the armistice of August 27, 1645. In front of the parish a table was laid to commemorate this date. The room in the basement of the tower (at the rear of church) was opened. Here you can find a table from the 17th century. It is possible that the treaty was signed on it.
1999/2000 Renovation of the organ and of the church. The organ was inaugurated October 1,2000.
2002 The flood of the river Elbe in August came up to the backyard of the church but did not rreach the building
2003/2004 Thorough drainage and renovation of the foundations: In connection with this work some old graves were found and documented
2004 Renovation of the tower. The bells of steel from 1949 were too heavy and damaged the stonework. Installation of a new wooden bellcage and production of three new bells made of bronze. Consecration of the new bells on December 5.
2005 Outside the church at the left side of the front door an old baroque monument was put up again after thorough renovation. It is the oldest stone monument of Radebeul

The short history is available in French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Czech language, too A short history of the church „Friedenskirche zu Kötzschenbroda“

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